Need Feedback on Optical Drives Setup--2 Drives?, 3 Drives?

Hello Everyone,

I'm in the process of compiling a list of components for a new build; however, right now I'm confused as to what type of DVD and Blu-Ray configuration I should purchase. I have specific questions regarding these types of drives and I'm hoping
someone can enlighten me on the best course of action.

With my current system, I have a DVD/CD optical drive that reads/writes to discs but to watch a DVD movie I have to use a
separate optical drive as it will not play on the first drive cited.

I have looked at a good number of drives that read Blu-Ray/DVD/CD discs, but only write to DVD/CD discs and not Blu-Ray
discs though I am such a drive that reads/writes all format must be available but perhaps it is expensive and also I don't know if it is prudent to have one drive for handling all the read/write of the various formats.

I'm thinking that perhaps one drive that reads/writes to a Blu-Ray discs and then a the second drive reads/writes only to DVD/CDs. But if I purchase a read/write Blu-Ray drive does that mean that the drive will play Blu-Ray movies too?, or do I need a separate drive for watching Blu-Ray movies?

Also, there r drives that r referred to as a Rewriter or a Combo drives. I have no idea if a Rewriter type drive makes the drive different from a regular write drive or not, and than there are the drives referred to as Combo drives. If someone could explain these differences I would appreciate it.

Finally, I will list the secondary issues that would also effect what type drive I should buy. The number of drive slots available on my PC is not a problem or there sizes. As for my budget, it's pretty flexible. I would consider a price point of around $125 as reasonable though I will go higher for a better brand name that translate into a superior product. Also I do NOT need Blu-Ray or DVD software included with the drives because that surely raises the price of the drive; however, if perhaps the best choose drive as bundled software than I will purchase it. Next, I'm not interested in OEM drives as they r stripped ofwires, manuals, etc. Finally, I don't think the Blu-Ray XL disc drive that handles 100GBs discs is a smart purchase for me because of the high price point of the XL discs.

I would be grateful for some suggestions/recommendations on how best to approach with whole read/write disc drives configuration issue. Thank u in advance for your insight on these matters.
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  1. Uhm... why the hell would you do that?

    Sorry, but wouldn't a Blu-ray / DVD-rw / CD-rw be plenty?

    Keep in mind this is coming from someone who didn't bother with an optical drive at all because everything can be installed from flash drives now, but three drives seems pointless, since you'll hardly ever be using one of them, much less all three.
  2. One optical drive that reads and writes Bluray DVD and CD is fine. They range in price from $70 to 150. All the drives will come with software for playback and burning. The bare drives or OEM will only have just the drive any maybe mounting screws. Many builders opt out of optical drives. Programs can be downloaded from the web. USB drives are cheap and faster and easier to transport. You only need optical drives to watch disks, but with video streaming that going away.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I see your point able the universallity of USB drives. I'm sporting for a 32GB @ 3.0 speed and I know that will be sweet.

    I have to have at least a Blu-Ray drive because I want to backup about 1TB in data--audiobooks mostly. I have a lot of them and there important to me. Plus a lot of movies/documrntaries too. I want the extra protection of having them on a disc should the external drive fail. I do have some of the stuff backed up to a cloud service but I don't want to keep paying the fee each month.

    I need a DVD drive because some of software including Windows 7 is on a disc though I suppose I could acquire it some place in a downloadable format. But I still think I should have DVD capability. To be honest I have never done an install from a USB. I know I must sound like I'm a few years behind the times and there is truth to that I will admit, hence my recent posts so I understand what I really need.

    So your recommendation is one drive to handle the read/write for the three disc formats. Does this means I can play a Blu-Ray movie on this same drive? I'm guessing by your answer that a specific type drive could handle everything. If this is not correct let me know.

    Do u think that u could find one of these all-in-one optical drives and make a recommendation of perhaps a few drives or even one for me? Maybe that is too much to ask but I would feel better with a seasoned geek making some suggestions since there r so many types of drives from which to choose.

    Let us say that price is not a paramount issue though I don't want a really pricey drive unless it warrants the higher price. I accept that I will have to pay for the bundled software that I don't need because I don't want to go the OEM route. If your up to it, let me know what u think as I would appreciate it.

    As a side note, I have a post in the hard drive forum room with the 'captainsky' user name. Maybe u could provide insight into those questions too. But that is definitely secondary. Again thanks.
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    I have the older 12x version of the LG black 14x BD-r. It's at Newegg for $104.
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