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We have just joined two buildings together by Diginet or T1 with two Alcatel Routers. We want to use it as an extention of the network. Site one has a subnet of - 254. It has a internet connection via a ADSL router IP and all users must use it. They also have to link via the other router IP to the other site with router All users must also be able to access all printers on the 192.168.1.?? network.

From the other building all users must go through the router and see all printers and the servers on the 192.168.0.?? network. They must also be able to access the internet via
to me this seems complex and I hope that someone can help
Thank you very much
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  1. if your router supports it, add a static route for your 192.168.1.X network.

    Otherwise, just change your subnet mask from to
  2. Hi
    Thanks. Do I also add a static route on the other router to 192.168.0.X or do I do it on the ADSL router
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    both routers would need the route, otherwise the data would only go one way.
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