Desperately need to recover files, used restore point feature on win7

i recovered from a "windows restore (or) system recovery" virus the only way i could get to work.... that was restoring to a restore point. Except i had to try 2-4 different points before the computer finally booted normally. I dont back up files daily, therefore, the day the virus got thru (Webroot) was the same damn day I finished and saved final changes on my last 2 midterm projects of the semester. i had just saved the final changes minutes before the fake windows restore virus shat all over me in every way possible!!! It sucked.... still does cuz i have nothin in the grade book for either midterm, except a fat old ZERO.

Please help, somebody has the chance to help another person recover from the wrath of one of those flippin evil crackers (as in prog crackers)... I would appreciate someones help more than your time has ever been b4.

thanks alot yall
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  1. Hello markjgebo;

    Besides your term papers - what else is missing?
    -> Running a Restore to an earlier day should not have affected your projects.

    System Restore works on Operating System files only.
    It has nothing to do with your personal files and data that you have created or stored on your system.
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