Does Dell İnspiron 1525 and 1526 has the same motherboards?

Does Dell İnspiron 1525 and 1526 have the same motherboards?
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  1. No, they do not have the same motherboards. The 1525 comes with an Intel processor (Socket P) and Intel chipset, graphics, etc. The 1526 is an AMD variant, and has an AMD socket (Socket S1, I think), chipset, graphics, etc.

    Check out the wiki link below for more info.
  2. thanks.. is there any MB that is compatible with 1526?
  3. What do you mean by compatible? Compatible CPU socket, memory slots, etc. ? Be more specific.
  4. no the MB itself
  5. I'm sorry, I don't follow what you mean. Motherboards are not compatible with each other. Some are very similar, but each model is different. What exactly are you trying to do?
  6. No they don't... But I don't think that you were wondering if they had the same MB, you were hoping to upgrade you present laptop.
    Yes!!! There is a solution... I am a owner of an Inspiron 1526, been using it for two years... With todays updates (Windows/Office/Adobe), it is a really slow machine, the processor is outdated, it only has 1mb l2 cache... Here is what I did to keep this laptop alive. Bought a 1525 motherboard off Ebay. Bought a T7500 Core 2 duo cpu, with a 1525 heatsink for the cpu off Ebay. I spent a grand total of $23 bucks... This laptop now is great!!! I'm just telling you, everything else is compatible, it is the best $23 dollars I've ever spent... Before you go do this, realize that you will have to reinstall windows from scratch because the chipsets on the motherboards are completly different... Trust me, the difference is huge but you need to be tech savy cause the 1525/1526 laptop is not a easy one to take apart and reassemble... If you google it, you'll find a procedure to do the whole process...
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