Plz suggest

i need a monitor with 2 or more HDMI ports full HD 23inch +....with in audio jack for xbox 360 sound

i will be using the new one for both my PC and Xbox 360 on same monitor....i have a 17 inch atm which i use for PC only
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  1. You can look at the Samsung XL2370 or the PX2370...both have HDMI input i think. What good is sound going into a monitor? your better off getting that sound relayed to the HTS or a multimedia speakers system.
  2. X2 on getting a pc speaker system with an Aux input so you dont have to have the pc on to hear your xbox...

    monitor speaker suck. Better off wearing headphones. end of discussion.
  3. yes i have the steel series siberia i was gonna use that but it gets sweaty sometimes so need a inbuilt speaker also :P
    @lutfij will check out the monitors
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