Athlon ii X3 to a Phenom ii X4 upgrade

Hi, I am looking to upgrade my CPU from an Athlon ii x3 440, to a Phenom ii x4 965 BE my bios does not support the unlocking of the 4th core on the athlon, and this is why I am upgrading, will this work? or is it recommended?
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  1. Any particular reason for thinking about going for this upgrade??
  2. ^ Yes the three core should be adequate for most things why the upgrade?
  3. Not if you use the computer primarily for gaming. That Athlon II X3 is just fine for that. I would save up until the most powerful X6 is out. You won't see much difference in gaming from the Phenom II. I have a Phenom II X4 940 and I only got that because at the time, the Athlon II didn't exist and the Phenom I was known to have problems and was outgunned by the Core2Duo. The Phenom II X4 stood toe to toe with the Core2Quad and was much less expensive. Stick with the Athlon II for now. I think that the upgrade you're suggesting would be a waste.
  4. well, the reason is because i want to get better performance on gaming, and I dont want to build a high end gaming rig, so I figured with a upgrade to the processor, my gts 460 would be more efficient and there would be no hold backs due to a slow processor.
  5. That triple core is fine for gaming. You really wont notice a difference with the quad unless it's clocked higher.
  6. Instead of spending on the processor, you can get a good aftermarket cooler for your X3 and overclock it to some decent numbers..
  7. i was gonna get a good heatsink, and overclock it from the stock 3,4ghz, to around 3.6 or a bit more, whatever i can get out of it without running too hot, currently i am sitting at 3.0 ghz with my athlon ii x3 cpu.
  8. thanks for the advice, i think i will wait a bit to do the 6 core upgrade, my motherboard will support it.
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