Can my PSU handle a second Hard Drive?

New to owning/upgrading my own PC and I was wondering if you guys could let me know if my PSU will be alright with a second HDD. Probably going to get a 1TB Western Digital.

This is the PSU I have:

Spec list:

12 GB Ram
Western Digital 500 GB HDD
Intel Core quad core i5 2320 3.0ghz processor
Nvida GTX 660 video card

I'm not sure what the motherboard is exactly, since I bought prebuilt and swapped out /added most of the parts but I know it's made by Acer.

In terms of USB devices connected I just have my mouse/keyboard and my iphone occasionally to charge/sync, and as well as an external hard drive sometimes when I back stuff up.

I have 2 monitors attached, ones 1080p, ones 720, and I also put in a small fan on the rear vent to help take air out.
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  1. It sure can handle another hard drive? 625 watts is enough.
  2. Definately. I have 4 internal drives running off a 550W PSU.
  3. If you hear a little giggle when first booting after your upgrade, it's probably your PSU laughing at the additional HDD.

    Seriously though, you should be just fine with that PSU.
  4. If it has the SATA connector for another drive, then it will handle another drive.

    A Raptor drive (10,000RPM) consumes 10W under load, you would need to stack on a lot of drives before you ran out of power I think.,1026.html

    Running 6 HDD's and an SSD off a 750W here.
  5. Typically the only components with noteworthy power consumption are your GPU and CPU (and overclocking of said parts), the rest can be covered under rounding the 'real' max consumption up 75-100w. The iPhone charging is probably another big draw, and USB devices in general can cause trouble, but those issues can be solved by getting a powered hub, and usually only occur when you start needing hubs anyway.

    Unless you start stacking up many many drives (and using them all at once) you won't have an issue.
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