More or less another thermal paste question. Laptop related.

I know you guys are probably sick of answering questions about the correct way to apply thermal paste. The thing is that I already know how to do this correctly, so that's not a problem.

My problem is that I never actually applied thermal paste to a laptop CPU. In fact, I have VERY little experience working with the insides of a laptop. Unfortunately for me, the laptop I am currently using is suffering from pretty severe CPU overheating problem, so I ordered a tube of Arctic Silver to solve the problem. I just removed the heatsink and realized that the ATI chip (at least I'm guessing it's the ATI chip) was actually under the same heatsink as the CPU.

That chip seems to be covered by a different type of paste than the one used on the CPU, as it ressembles more of a big grey gum-like stuff than real paste. Am I supposed to remove that stuff and apply new thermal paste on that chip as well, or should I leave it untouched and only reapply the CPU thermal paste ?

If you guys don't know what I am talking about just tell me and I'll link a few pictures once I'm back home.

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  1. Pics please.
  2. Remove all thermal gunk from chips and heatsink and apply your AS, just ensure you don't get any on circuit boards.

    I normally use the smallest amount I can get away with and then use a surgical glove and my finger to smooth out to a very fine layer.
  3. as above , except I use a stanley blade to smooth it out equally
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