Am I able to turn off or disable my graphics card without unplugging?

There are some issues with my Brother's computer, I have somewhat diagnosed the problem and it has to do with the PSU not delivering enough power to the dedicated GPU. I can not take the card out an assume that it is broken, simply because I have no packaging to put it in and if it is still working it will get damaged and I cant take it to the shop until next week (the repair shop is across the city). Is there any way to disable the card or turn it off and switch to inboard graphics without physically removing it? Sometimes it won't even boot and just keep flashing an error message. It will eventually turn on by restarting it several times, which is quite irritating. Is there a way to do that? The gPu is an HD3650 512mb AGP and the BIOS is AMI. I am unsure of the motherboard but can figure it out if needed.
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  1. Nope, the only way to disable the card is to remove it. Graphics cards arent super fragile, you can place it on a table for an hour while you test the machine and then put it back in when you are finished.

    What power supply is in it? Since you just need a fairly low power PSU swapping the PSU out for an EA380D which is $40 before $10 rebate, and it will definitely make it there before next week and cost you a lot less than a shop will charge you.
  2. The thing is I don't want to work on it. I need to take it to the shop to see what the problem is, I do not 100% know if that is the issue. I just want to be able to take it out so I don't have the error message flashin me every time I boot it up, I guess if I can't disable it I will just leave it until next week. After they diagnose the problem professionally, I will decide from there what to change. And BTW if I were to take it out it would be out sitting for over a week, Luke I said earlier I have no packaging to keep it in.
  3. you dont have a box to put it in? honestly you could just leave it on a shelf so long as its not getting bumped, touched, having things thrown on it..
  4. u can disable it friend......go to device manager,under display adapter-right click-u can uninstall it or disable it...
    after disable it,dont forget to change your monitor connection to normal..
  5. That wont keep it from putting a load on the PSU during start up, device manager is windows so it doesnt matter until windows has booted.
  6. the grphic card doesnt function at all after we uninstall or disable...same goes to sound card...the window control any hardware or software attach to our pc...better u bring your pc to the shop and let the dealer fix for u...
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