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New build using some old parts

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September 10, 2010 4:36:21 PM

Hi guys,

I'm looking to do my first actual from scratch build since my k6-2 350. I have a few different computers currently which i've upgraded along the way, all of various p4 families. I plan to keep a couple of them as they can handle some light gaming. I want to upgrade some of the hardware i'm using now before i build the new machine, so i can transfer the new hardware into the new build. I'm trying to be cost conscious but not cheap and am looking for fairly decent performance. What i need help with is deciding which components to buy first to get a noticable return now and in the final build.

current machine:

Gateway p4 630 3.0 ghz
gt240 512mb gddr5
sata 200gb hd

I have a bunch of pata hard drives too, 3 250gb seagates, 2 320gb caviar blue, 320 caviar green, and various others

I am considering getting a pata raid card and using some combination of these in the new build. dont see a reason not to, unless you guys think its totally not worth it, they are just unused or underused otherwise.

2x320 raid?
2x250 and 2x320?

I have been reading and reading for days now, and i'm thinking i want to end up with maybe:

965 BE processor
AM3 so i can drop in a bulldozer processor down the line
crossfire capable, 3 16x pci-e would be nice
usb 3
sata 6 gb/s
ati 5770 video(potentially 2 down the road?)

SSD hard drive! Maybe even revodrive? not too much more expensive really

I dont need a gaudy case, I like the antec 300 and a decent power supply.

But what do i do now and what do i wait for? pata raid? ssd? revodrive? will the gt240 continue to suffice on light gaming?

I'm hoping to get a pretty futureproof motherboard. Please if you have any suggestions on any part of this i would love to hear them.

Thanks, Dave

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September 10, 2010 8:07:08 PM

Forget the old, slow HDDs. Newer HDDs with 500GB platters are much faster.
Samsung F3 1TB ($75)

An SSD is a great thing to look into if your budget allows. If you cant throw $300 at it then its probably something to wait on.

There is no such thing as a future-proof motherboard. Both AMD and intel are changing sockets within the next year. Motherboards released withing the past year have USB3, which is likely to be worth getting now.

The GT240 will continue to perform the same as it has. The only problem you might run into is if you upgrade your monitor to a higher resolution then you need a more powerful GPU to get the same FPS.
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September 10, 2010 10:21:54 PM

I know the old hard drives are slower but i have them already and was really planning to just use them for storage and do the OS and programs on ssd or revodrive. I understand the new mobos only have the one ata connector, which is why i was considering a raid card to control them.

Do you guys think there is a tangible benefit to getting a revodrive, or would the same amount of money be better applied to 2 ssd's controlled by mobo raid controller? Is there much of a perceivable difference between say 80 gb revodrive at 540 mb/s read and a 128 gb c300 at 355 mb/s read?

I understand the 5770 does crossfire well, which i'm planning on at some point in the future...does the 5850 do as well?

I was thinking of getting a nice am3 mobo i could drop a bulldozer into. would it be better to get more of a value board that takes ddr3 and upgrade to a am3+ board later?

September 10, 2010 10:28:28 PM

You are getting an SSD for the random seek time, not the throughput. You are not using it to pump data, thats what you get a good new fast HDD for. It would be silly to get two SSDs and use an old POS IDE HDD. :pt1cable: 

September 10, 2010 10:29:55 PM

I say wait a little more for the SSD, the next generation is around the corner. If you get a HD 5850 you won't need crossfire, single card solutions are preferable.
September 10, 2010 10:52:50 PM

i'm not too concerned with the seek time on the data drive(s), just for music and video and the like. games and apps will be on solid state of some sort. Anyway, you are saying you dont think its worth the extra money for revodrive or ssd raid for extra throughput. A single ssd is fine and spend money elsewhere...

I'll definitely consider the 5850. I was just thinking i wouldnt need such a big chunk of money now with the 5770 and could get similar performance by adding another in the future.
September 10, 2010 11:01:12 PM

drbyq9 said:
you are saying you dont think its worth the extra money for revodrive or ssd raid for extra throughput. A single ssd is fine and spend money elsewhere...
Yes. The advantage of an SSD is load speed on bootup and when swapping between windows. While throughput has an effect, its the impossibly fast seek times that make SSDs faster boot drives than HDDs.