Video Card Problems. Help Needed.

I am unsure really what is going on. I have an EVGA GTX 285 2gb, Core i7 920, 12gb DDR3 1600 and a 750w PSU. Just starting today I started having lots of problems. From Nvidia driver crashes to videos and games becoming big jumbled messes and crashing. I have cleared drivers, reinstalled drivers, tried older drivers and cleaned out the card of all dust. SpeedFan says the card is running at 50c idle. I have no clue what is wrong but it is bothering me greatly. Since messing with the drivers I no longer get driver crashes but everything else persists.

Shortly after posting this my drivers crashed and recovered.

Can anyone help me with my problem.
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  1. First of all,you aren't allowed to post your e-mail in public forums, i edited your post.
    As for your problem,does it always give you the "Driver has stopped working and has recovered" error when it crashes ?
  2. When the drivers crash or a game crashes, yes. They don't always crash when watching videos sometimes the video just gets all grey, green and choppy. Its weird though, watching a video on VLC doesn't go bad at all. Even 1080p videos.
  3. I think you have a defective card,can you RMA it ?
  4. Try your card in different PC, if the same problem occur then you got a bad card there...
  5. I RMA'd it. I went and picked up a 470.
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    wa1 said:
    Try your card in different PC, if the same problem occur then you got a bad card there...

    I doubt if it helps,because in almost all problems i have seen regarding the "Display has stopped working..." has lead the users to RMA it or get a newer card.
  7. Yea after a while on the phone with EVGA they gave me an RMA number.
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