Cant fully access old windows xp boot HD as slave in new Windows 7 PC

Hello, I recently build a new computer with a lot of help from this community (thanks again). I used an SSD for the boot drive and I added a 3tb drive for storage. I temporarily installed the hard drive I booted Windows XP from on my old PC so I could transfer files over to the 3tb drive but I did not have access to most of the files. The drive was basically full and it shows in the windows 7 machine as barely having any data. I'm guessing the data to my profile is locked away and I need some permission setting because the drive was not failing.

If you know what to do I would really appreciate a hint, thanks!
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    You will need to go to the root of the drive that contained the data, then go to security > advanced tab and take over ownership of the drive and it's subfolders/files. After doing this, you should see all the files.
  2. Thank you I'll try this tonight or tomorrow and post back.
  3. It worked until I restarted and then I was locked out again. Any ideas? that was a very long process. It took my pc about 2 hours to change the way each file was assigned.
  4. You can click on the actual folder, and check the box to include all sub-folders for that action. It does it all in 1 click - however, it could take a while to update all the file attributes.
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