I have 2sticks of 512mb... But both of these sticks only reads out at 384mb... And I tested them individually... Any ideas???
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  1. Duplicate ram sticks mostly.. Get some new ones from a well known manufacturer.. Oh btw, change your query heading to something like ram issues instead of 1..
  2. Some old systems only supported 384mb, really old systems that is. Like back in the 440bx days.
  3. It will be much easier for us if you tell your FULL specs here... :)
  4. Yizzy, first go into the BIOS and see how much memory it sees.

    I am writing this on a G41 (integrated graphics) motherboard with 4 GB installed. The BIOS sees 4 GB of RAM. The OS sees 2.96 GB, partially because a 32 bit OS does not see the full 4 GB of memory (normal) and partially because about 512 kB is removed from the OS to be used for graphics memory (normal with integrated graphics).

    I suspect that this is what you are seeing.
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