Help me with my new budget build

Hey guys.

I am planning to build a new computer. From my current system i'm keeping my Hard Drive, Power Supply, Video Card, and Case. So, basically all I need is a new Motherboard, Ram, and Processor. Is there anything else i'll need? For a new motherboard, Ram, and Processor I don't want to spend anymore than $250.00

I've looked on new egg and I came up with these 3.




So, tell me what you guys think. If there is better stuff for the price, please show it to me.

Thanks guys.
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  1. Anyone???
  2. It will work.
  3. It will work.

    BUT! What is your power supply?
  4. It's a 430w Antec Earthwatts

    Also, I have a Sapphire 5670 i'm planning to put in it to. Will this all be compatible?
  5. Yes it will. Nice PSU, it will do good.
  6. Sweet! Thanks.
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