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I did a little trade on craigslist and got a pentium (R) D cpu 2.8 with 2 gigs of ram and a new hd 4350 card my mother board is (Intel Corporation D101GGC AAD54032-302
Serial Number: BTGC633004UQ
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Intel Corp. GC11010M.15A.0030.2006.0707.2039 07/07/2006) I run crysis ok and i actually could pvp in Aion but since i didnt spend any money i would like a better card i found this ( XFX GeForce 8800 GTS Alpha Dog Edition Graphics adapter - 512 MB - GDD ) person was asking 300 droped to 275 in a week ,would this be an upgrade and could my comp handle it and what would be a good price to offer if all works out thanks again . or should i just save up and buy a better rig!! lol
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  1. The 4350 is about as low as you can go for discrete cards, just about any GPU will be a significant upgrade. To stay nice and low power because i doubt the system has a strong PSU i would suggest a 5570, it will be a significant step up from the 4350 and will do reasonably well for games.
  2. Ok thank you, it has a 500w power supply, so i want to do a better that reasonable lol since i play online ad its mostly player vrs player lol what do you think of that alpha dog 8800gts my buget is about 150-200 bucks new or used.
  3. In my opinion, you should be saving up for a new system.
  4. That 8800GTS is worth no more than $90. Open up the case and look for the sticker on the side of the PSU, post the current rating on each 12V rail and the max combined current or wattage. Not all power supplies are created equal so 500W doesnt mean much. It might be the Antec EA500 or it might be the little POS diablotek with 20A on the 12V rail.
  5. humm i have the power supply box its an ocz tech stealth x stream 500w ,ocz500sxs i dont nw what a 12v rail is lol , o and my plan was just a quick upgrade while i save up for a quad core thank you .
  6. Alright, the stealthXstream is pretty good, for under $200 you can get a 5770 which will be a very significant upgrade to your 4350.
  7. Hey thanks again for your time have a great nite ,umm day lol im off to work !
  8. Hello all again I have talk to thie seller of this card its used " XFX 8800GTS 512 Alpha Dog Edition" he/she wanted 300, then 275, I explaned I asked on several fourm and shoped around used cards are 100-180 and within a few min i got 180 seems fair so is 180 a good price or should i just get an 5770 new im just trying to get the best deal to game with till i buy a new comp thank s all again
  9. An 8800GTS is worse than a 5770, no way around it. The 9800GTX+ became the GTS 250, which was less powerful than the GTX 260 core 216, the 5770 is closer to the GTX 260 than the GTS 250, so the 8800GTS is notably weaker and they are trying to charge you more for a used card, im sure it was almost $500 when they got it new but graphics cards have improved quite a bit since then and you can now get significantly better performance from a new card.
  10. O cool thank i just get the 5770 they have it at my local best buy and my gf can get a slite discount so ill go pick it up and if it dosnt work i can just return it i called and even if i open the box i have 14 days to get a refund no questions asked thanks again ill let you know how it works out
  11. Dont EVER buy a graphics card from best buy, see which one they have, then go on newegg and see how much cheaper it is, i bet its about $50-70 less. Newegg has a pretty good return policy and quick shipping, so if its more than an extra $10 at best buy definitely give newegg a go.

    Edit: Cheapest 5770 i found on the best buy site was an asus one for $175 thats out of stock on newegg, you can get a nice sapphire 5770 for $150 from newegg. I stopped visiting best buy and circuit city once i realized their selections were super limited and they always charge about 30% more than online stores.
  12. i hear ya i was going to buy it from best buy to see if it worked in my system since they have a return policy and play it till mine gets here from new egg i know sounds funny but lol yup its 199.00 with my gf discount its 150.00 i see on new egg its 139.00 with the rebate and the mail in rebate (i bought from new egg before and the stuff was broken and with all the time delay shipping i dont mind paying 30 bucks more or less for the instant play thank you again )
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