Is this necessary to install ssd in asus p8z68deluxe motherboard

Is this important to install SSD in addition to HD in asus P8Z68 motherboard.Can this board work with ssd also.
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    I guess it depends on IF an SSD is important to you, to me it 'is.' Sure you have a couple options with Z68: 1. SSD Caching with a 20GB~64GB(max) SSD {cache} + HDD, 2. SSD Primary for OS, Apps, and GB permitting Data + HDD Data. In SSD Caching both the SSD + HDD appear as (1) HDD.

    IMO - it's best & much faster to simply get a 120GB SSD or larger for at minimum both your OS and ALL Apps, and have the HDD serve as mass Data storage. A 60GB SSD costs $100 and a 120GB costs $170; to me SSD Caching is cost/performance ineffective.

    In most of my PC's I have 120GB SSD {OS + Apps + Working Data} and 1TB HDD in RAID 1 for {Data}. Further, I 'moved' the Default Documents, Photos, Music, etc to the HDD -> e.g.
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