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Hello everyone! First post here, and I have a question that I hope will be fairly simple to answer. I have 2 hard drives in my current computer, listed below:

1 -
2 -

I use my computer for gaming, recording game footage, and video/graphics editing. Clearly one of these hard drives is far better than the other one, so my question is this.

How should I arrange my hard drives as far as partitions, operating system, video footage storage, and game locations go?

I had it setup before with the slower drive being used as my OS, games, and software drive, with pretty much everything running from that drive only. I had my second faster drive setup as a storage device for writing video footage to while recording, and rendering video footage to after editing.

I'm not sure if that was the most efficient way to go about this or not, or if I should be using partitions for anything, etc. Any advice or opinions are appreciated, thanks!
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  1. You shouldn't waste your time with partitioning. Use the fastest drive for your OS, apps and recording your videos. Then when they are recorded, move them to a folder for storage on your slowest drive the Green WD. You might consider 1 250GB SSD for your boot, app and recording drives and 2 big slower driver for storing your video files after they are recorded. Or better yet, 2 - 120GB SSD's in RAID for boot, apps and recording with 2 big slower drives for storage.
  2. Thank you for the fast response! If I read that correctly you're saying I should use my fastest disc as a primary for basically every task, and use the second disc as storage for things like footage music etc.

    My followup question would be, isn't reading from one disc and writing to another considered the best way to record footage? I'd be a bit worried about reading a game from the same disc I'm writing to, but maybe it's not as big of a problem as I think.
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