EVGA GTX 470 Freezing on Welcome Screen

I recently built my first PC a few days ago. It worked fine for a day, but the next day it froze in the middle of a game, and I had to reboot the computer. After the reboot, I tried to log in but it froze at the welcome screen. I could still hear the sound that plays after you log in, so that led me to believe that it was a problem with the GPU. I then tried to log in with safe mode, which worked fine. I uninstalled the video card drivers, which allowed me to go into windows normally. I then updated the BIOS, and could go into windows with the drivers normally for a few hours, but then it froze, I had to reboot, and ended up with the same problem. Yesterday I tried going into windows with only one RAM stick, and it worked for a few hours, but then the comp froze while booting up a game and, you guessed it, same problem. Do you think I need a replacement card, or is it something else?

This is Windows 7 64-bit , by the way.

Here are the parts I used in the computer:

Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E LX
CPU: Intel i5 750
Memory: Patriot 2x2GB PGV34G1600ELK
PSU: Corsair Tx850w
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  1. Are you sure its not overheating?
  2. It freezes even after the computer's been off for hours, so I doubt it.
  3. Try booting into safe mode, uninstall the graphics drivers completely with driver sweeper and then try installing the latest drivers.
  4. While I had uninstalled the drivers via windows before, using driver sweeper seems to have done the trick. I'm not entirely sure if it will freeze up and start this with this problem again, but thanks.

    EDIT: Okay, I was able to use it for a while, but then it crashed and the same problem came up again. I was able to play Fallout 3 and Team Fortress 2 while it was working.

    FINAL EDIT: Alright, I tried using the computer with a 5750 and now it's working fine. Just a GPU problem.
  5. Oh my god Griffin. I have the exact same problem. I mean word for word. It definitely has to do something with the video card drivers or the video card itself.

    I put my 8800GT in and it works fine, GTX470 and bam freezes at welcome screen randomly. Although my computer doesn't freeze randomly during games, even when I have it on for 8+ hours. It does randomly freeze at the welcome screen. I'm just glad I'm not the only one with the same exact problems. Definitely has to be some sort of video card driver and windows conflict.

    Guess we gotta wait for Nvidia to make some good drivers for Windows 7, or for Microsoft to fix their shitty coding. Maybe Service Pack 1?

    Just so you know. I RMAed my GTX 470, and I bought a new PSU. Also I've tried one stick at a time and it randomly freezes at the welcome screen. I've even tried updating my BIOS, to no avail.
  6. I'm having a similar issue with an MSI GTX 470 running on XP 64. Worked fine for a few hours after install then crashed playing SC2. After the crash I restarted and it froze while loading windows. Continued to do this until I turned it off at the PS switch and left it off for a few hours. Then it would work again for a little bit and start doing the same thing again after a few minutes. The longer it stays turned off the longer it works so my first thought was overheating but afterburned shows my temps under 80 when it crashes, and now it crashed when it's not even under load just idling looking at the desktop, and both cores on my e8500 are showing around 50 degrees under load. Replace the card and everything runs fine (although at reduced settings) so I'm pretty sure it's the card and not something else in my system.
  7. Hi guys. I had the exact same problem.

    My Asus GTX470 worked fine for a few days, also passed several stress-tests which I always run when I receive a new card. Worked fine under load, both in games with settings on max and also heavy nVidia 3D Vision apps.
    Suddenly it froze at Welcome screen right after I entered my password.

    Just like Griffinhollow it was ok when I enter via Safe Mode and also after uninstalling nVidia driver(s).

    Long story short; I tried _everything_ from installing Windows 7 from scratch again to power up with only one memory stick inserted, swapped memory stick and tried again, reset CMOS battery, checked cables etc etc.

    I put in my old 8800GTS 512MB card and everything`s back to normal.

    RMA and sent back the card couple of days ago - still waiting for the outcome from the online store where I bought it.

    *** Important to all of you! ***

    Im pretty sure, or at least it wont surprise me, if they email me (and you!) saying the card works like a charm on their own test system.

    Do not accept this!!

    I have saved _several_ threads in my Favourite folder from many different Hardware forums reporting the exact same thing with these cards, and Im just waiting to throw it against them if they try something rubbish.

    If they still wont accept it, Im just gonna cancel the purchase since I recently bought it.

    The card was really good so Im hoping to get a new one, but all these similar problems makes me wonder if its worth it. Same thing might happen with another card. I hope someone is able to sort this out because its obviously not a single incident going on.

    - maximus_74
  8. new card is working? i have the same problem... i dont know whatis the problem:/
  9. Did you install the SP1 to Windows 7 yet? There is an issue with drivers for GTX 470/480s and the SP1 update (recently released) is supposed to fix this.

    If you have an alternative OS on your system (Ubuntu or other) you can cross test the video. But short of that I have the suspicion that the fix is with the OS and not the hardware or driver.
  10. yes i have win7

    here is the link with this problem

    i'm the autor and it's virus-free - so don't worry:)
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