is this a good PSU? (ocz 550w)

Hi i was just wondering if anyone has seen any good deals on PSU's lately. I have been planning on making a build with the new SB 2500K that is coming out.
here are my specs i had in mind

Sandy Bridge 2500K
G. Skill DDR3 8gb Ram
HD Radeon 6850,6870, 5850 idk what one yet also plan on possibly Cross Firing in the near future
1TB hard drive
CD/DVD burner
if you need to know anything else or need more details let me know

what im looking for is a quality PSU that is not to expensive. Thanks for all your guy's help!!
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  1. also could anyone help me decide what wattage i will need...

    500 550 600 650 700 750?? or higher?
  2. these are the best deals that I see out there

    $70 + $10 shipping modular seasonic PSU, great for for a single video card like the ATI 5850, 6870, etc.,

    $120 modular antec 750w PSU - $30 instant saving + free shipping = $90 out the door. enough power to run the ATI 5870 or 6870 in CF
  3. so would 550W be good enough for just a single graphics card?
  4. peteypablo319 said:
    so would 550W be good enough for just a single graphics card?

    on a quality PSU, plenty for any single card out there
  5. I have a NZXT PP800 I'm trying to sell for 40$, message me if your interested
  6. so would this be a good choice. i know its not corsair but it has good reviews....
  7. also correction i have just bought a MSI 460 GTX hawk... with the ocz ^^ be enough to power this if i over clock it a bit??
  8. Don't try to save from the PSU because in the long term you will pay more. Stick to quality and the maximum wattage you can afford. IMO 550W is low for today's needs. If in the near future you need to upgrade or add something extra or overclock it is likely that you will have power shortage and then you will search again for a PSU...
  9. so 650 W wouldnt that be good enough for a single GPU system??
  10. The OCZ 550 will be fine for a single card set up, you could probably go as low as 450w but 500+ is better.

    Originally you said that you were looking at Crossfire, are you now looking at SLI with a 460.

    I'm with soc^ don't take a shortcut on your psu and more is better. For the sake of $20-$30 cover yourself for future needs, if you now buy the 550 and do get a 2nd card you'll be buying another psu. If you are staying single card -

    SLI with 460's you will need 4x pci-e and 600w+ Either way you can't go wrong with this.
  11. I prefer Antec and Seasonic PSUs. The OCZs test well (e.g. get decent competent technical reviews) but have been found to contain some lower-quality innards (e.g. 85c caps rather than 105c) that may not hold up well over time. The new Corsair "Builder" series is a backwards step for them, as they are not 80+. I'd choose Antec Earthwatts on a budget, Antec Truepower New or Seasonic if you have more wiggle room. I like ct1615's choices.
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