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I have been trying to do a clean install on my Toshiba R850 for days and days. Ive been to the Toshiba site but my laptop numbers do not show in their little dropdown lists... I get as far as the partitions and load drivers and that's it. I need drivers for my hard disk and storage controllers but am afraid even terrified as to what may happen if I install the wrong ones. Oh please wont you help me ? Toshiba Tecra R850 PT520C-10Q002 and those are correct Ive checked and rechecked and checked .... :pfff:
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  1. You are probably using the wrong Toshiba website. They have different websites for different countries because model numbers are often country-specific.

    Be sure to use the appropriate Toshiba website which serves your country, then enter your serial number of your laptop into the box on the Toshiba support page. The serial number should be on a sticker attached to the underside. That's the best method to ensure you get the correct drivers.
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