ATI 4890 Samsung LED to Nvidia 465 ASUS

Hi guys,

I recently bought a Samsung LED XL2370 display for my HTPC setup in order to use it as a second monitor, the main monitor is the Sony HDTV of course 40 inch. I use the monitor to do some work and casual gaming and of course internet browsing.
My system is formed of an i7 920, 6 GB ram, a Sapphire ATI 4890 1GB and an Auzentech Hometheatre HD sound card, and an SC-07 pioneer receiver.

I am planning to get a home theatre 1080p projector hopefully soon.

Now the questions is as follows, I got the fever of moving to 3D mainly to a 3D projector but I might sleep on this idea for a while and start with my question here and that is getting an NVIDIA GTX465 card, Nvidia 3D vision kit, and most probably an ASUS VG236H 23-Inch 120 Hz 3D Ready Panel . But by doing this there is a price for the upgrade which means I have to try to sell my newly bought Samsung LED screen and the ati4890, the following are questions and comments in mind:

1. Is the upgrade worth it for now?
2. Does the Nvidia asus or evga cards have audio output over hdmi (I need this sometimes)?
3. Can I have two different frequencies outputs over the nvidia card as I need to get a 60Hz out for the (auzentech and receiver) and 120 HZ to the 3D monitor?
4. I am going to lose the audio out from the screen which I am getting from the Samsung LED without an extra cable or wireless headphones which I am benefitting from at this stage.
5. If I was lucky I can sell the 4890 for around 170 USD in my country or 150, the 465 is around USD 220 now in the US. I might be able to sell the screen for 200 or 250 USD. Thus financially I will need to pay around Asus + Nvidia 3D vision (500) +220 – 150 (ati) – 200 (Samsung LED) = USD 370 however if we take the actual upgrade I need to remove the nvidia 3D vision (around 200) thus the real actual upgrade if I can sell my older equipment is around 170 USD, is this justifiable to move to better card and 3D?

I will be grateful for suggestions and comments over the above.
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  1. will what i understood that you want seperated displays and (or) 3d vision kit so here what to do GTX 480 have the power to many displays like ati eyefinity for 3d you will need 120 hz monitor so and yes the hdmi outbut in nvidia cards support audio 2 waw yeah
    if you need any othr advices send me privates
  2. G33z M4n l34rn t0 7yp3 . We are not text messaging ...
    y0u 4in7 l00k1n 1337 w4w y34h
  3. Hi guys,

    To be honest the replies were both not clear ;)

    at least i need answers for questions 2 and 3, mainly i need to know if the nvidia gtx460 or 465 have audio on board? mainly the asus and evga, other brands like zotac mentions clearly the audio on board specs.
  4. 2- yes :)
    3- yes :)

    5- Save a few thousands for your precious eyes in a few years my friend :)
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