12v rail reading tops only at 4v via hwmonitor

Hi Guys,
Just want to ask if this reading from HWMonitor is normal (especially the 12v rail reading).

Just recently, while playing COD:Black Ops, the game crashed and froze the PC. Ever since, I can't play any games properly due to artifacts, broken polygons, etc. It was really a mess. All this time I was convinced that my good ol' GTS 250 is the culprit (and also a nice excuse to buy a new one).

But as I check my voltages via HWMonitor, I saw the 12v rail topping at 4v only which I find weird. I don't remember my previous readings but I think the value should be ~12v. I've tried running Furmark, OCCT, whatever to see if it would reach 12v but apparently the voltage don't get pass 4v. Do you think my PSU (Corsair HX620) is broken?

PS: I haven't cleaned it in years.
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  1. time to break out a voltmeter and check
  2. ^+1, check the voltages manually

    though if those were true, your computer wouldn't even stay on, so the software is really off
  3. Thanks for the responses.

    I would like to try that though I'm not really sure how to do it. :) I hope you guys could enlighten me on how to do it properly.
  4. use a molex power pin (4 pins) and use the yellow and black one (yellow is +12v and black is ground)
  5. In the H/W Monitor page of the BIOS Setup Utility what is displayed for the status of + 12.00V ? If the value is correct in the BIOS Setup Utility then HWMonitor is the problem.
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    masterjaw said:
    Thanks for the responses.

    I would like to try that though I'm not really sure how to do it. :) I hope you guys could enlighten me on how to do it properly.
  7. Thanks for the tips guys. Really appreciate this.

    @delluser1: Thanks for the link.

    Though I really doubtful about the PSU being the culprit since I should have also noticed the negative effects on other parts that uses the 12v rail (case fans, HDD, etc) aside from the GPU. Plus the PSU is a Seasonic OEM which I doubt will bust out like this so easily.

    I've checked my case fans and they're all running fine at full speed and the leds are blinding as usual. I've also tried using other software (Asrock OC Tuner) and it gave me 12.144v reading for the 12v rail. All left was the voltmeter test to confirm once and for all if my hunch is indeed correct.
  8. You'll need to check the 12v supply on each rail of the PSU if it has more than 1. What model seasonic do you have? Does your video card have a plug in for external power, check 12v there.

    Checking the Hardware monitor in the bios is an excellent idea too.
  9. Which version are you using? I had been using v1.15 and my 12V was reading under 1V, which I thought was very strange. Downloaded v1.16, it's currently reading 12.23V.
  10. @popatim: PSU is Corsair HX620, GPU is GTS 250

    @Terry1212: version 1.17

    I've confirmed that the PSU isn't the problem. The only remaining suspect was the GPU and it was deemed guilty beyond reasonable doubt. :)

    Currently considering either a 5850, 6850 (less likely), or a GTX 460 as a replacement.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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