Hi I've a i3 2100 and 6870 + a cx430 v2.

Can anyone please tell me it will be all right to to use the third 4pin to put in that port on the mobo. the other two 4pins is used to get a 6pin. thank you!
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  1. That video card has two 6-pin connectors? Use the one that's on the PSU (6+2) and for the second one use a free molex and an adapter

    You should have an adapter in the card's package.

    For the mobo you have a 4+4 Pin EPS 12V (don't use that for the video card!) and the 24-pin ATX.
  2. I know that. I've figured it out. So far my cx430 powers the 6870 with no problem. the 4 pin connector on the motherboard is not needed.

    And my card did not come with a molex connector. It's a club3d overclocked edition.
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