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Samsung 840 SSD 120GB Wear Leveling

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December 20, 2012 6:59:28 PM

I got myself two of these SSDs 2days ago, and installed them onto two different computers. But just after 2 days, I noticed that one of them is showing 2 on the wear count, and the other is showing 3. From my understanding its basically the wear indicator of the drive. But after just 2 days, i already wore out 3% of it?! Granted I did a full format to check for bad sectors, and installed Windows 8 twice, but still....I know the 120GB 840 is supposed to have a life span of about 3.5-4 years, but at this rate, it's going to last nowhere near that. And since both of my drives are doing the same thing, it's highly unlikely that its due to a defective product..
Do I have an wrong understanding of that wear indicator?

And also from SSD Life, it's showing that I already wrote over 300GB of data to the drive, although I only got it for 2 days...
So I checked to see what's causing the writes, and indeed, my windows 8 appears to be continuously writing to disk even though the OS is completely IDLE. No updates, no installs, no downloads, no nothing...just sitting at the desktop. And I already disabled indexing service, hibernation, superfetch, and page files. I looked in resource manager, and it's all system services, like NTFS logfiles etc. And in the 3 hrs of power on, I have already wrote over 3GB of data. Is this normal at all?! I used to never care about such things when I was using HDD as my main boot drive, but now I'm kinda forced to care since SSD life is limited...

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December 20, 2012 10:52:16 PM

Samsung SSD 840 uses TLC NAND, which wear out fast than SSDs with MLC NAND, however what you´ve described is not normal -- Samsung Magician Software can help to tweak it as stated above.