Can't find power connection for asus dx sound card inside Gateway slim SX2850

I have no idea what the technical names are for the different connections. I can't find a place to plug in the ASUS DX PCI-e I need for an optical SPDIF inside a gateway slim SX 2850. There is no extra power connector that I can find. The connector supplied by ASUS is to a floppy. Is there a "Y" connector that can be used to the DVD or HD? There is also an extra four pin connection on the motherboard the same as the one that powers the CPU fan. Can this be used if I can find a cable. If so, what do I ask for?
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  1. you're looking for a molex to floppy power adapter simular to this on on newegg:

    if you don't have a molex then look for a sata power to floppy like this one.
  2. Thank you so much. Once I had the terminology correct I was able to find exactly what I needed at You saved me hours of research.
  3. Yeah, the DX and D2X both require floppy power connectors. Most PSU's still come with one, but more budget PSU's do not. (I actually prefer the PCI D1/D2 for that very reason).
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