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Best value Geforce for Adobe CS5

I am looking to upgrade to a new card for my video editing workstation and I am stuck between hunting out a second hand 1GB GTX 285 on eBay (which is listed as fully supporting the mercury playback engine in premiere CS5) and a new GTX 460 which will support the mercury engine with a simple text document change. If anyone has experience of using either for video editing (particularly Adobe Premiere Pro CS5) It would be great to know how you have got on. I can get both cards for around £150 here in the UK, any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    If you can get them for the same price, go for the 460.
  2. Any particular reasons why I should be choosing the "mid range" 460 over an older "high-end" card? bearing in mind that I don't need it for gaming so Directx11 support etc is not essential
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  4. From what i have read the GTX 470 and 480 run extremly hot and if they dont have at least the dual fan on them (stay away from single fan units) when you are doing a lot of processing in PP CS5 it really taxes the card and the card can get hot and cause stutter. I decided to send back my ASUS GTX 470 and go with a 100 dollar less expensive MSI GTX 460 1gb with GDDR5 (this is the one you need to work with the Mercury playback engine) Here is a good article on all of this:
    That should answer all your questions, it did mine.
    take care
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