First build in a LONG time, looking for opinions

Let me start by saying I haven't built a pc from scratch in a few years, and I'm trying to play catch up with all the new products on the market. Here is what I am trying to accomplish. A PC that is as close to $1000 as possible. It will be used for moderate gaming like WoW, Call of Duty, and the new Final Fantasy. It will also be used for recording, downloading, and watching movies, music, etc. I have always been an AMD fan so I am gearing towards that.

Below is what I have come up with on my own so far, and what I would like to know is 1) does everything here look compatible, and 2) any suggestions to swap out/change anything to make it a better rig. I have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc and what you see below is all I need for a new PC.

Any suggestions on a mid range vid card would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help and critique, and sorry for the random order of parts below :D

Hard Drive:





CPU: (Open for debate, was trying to save money now with the idea of upgrading later)

DVDR (x2):

Operating System:

And the video card I am stumped on. Been leaning towards an ATI of some kind, preferably with 1gb of mem at 256bit, but suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks again!
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  1. AMD

    AMD 1055t - $197
    AMD 955 - $154

    Motherboard (many options) ~$200

    Memory - $96

    Hard Drive - $74

    Graphics Card 5870 - $364

    Power Supply 750w $109 After Rebate

    DVD Burner - $19

    Subtotal: $1,114.93

    Or you can get a 5970

    Subtotal: $1,399.93

    Or you can get the ROG 5870 (pretty much the best 5870 you can get)

    Subtotal: $1,269.93

    Or you can get a 1090t and that will add ~$90/~$140 to all totals.

    Note, if you get the 5970 get the XFX 850w - $129 After Rebate

    Or you can get 5870 in Crossfire X and 5850 in Crossfire X



    i5-760 - $209

    Motherboard - $134 After Rebate

    Memory - $96

    Hard Drive - $74

    Graphics Card GTX470 - $324 After Rebate

    Power Supply - $129 After Rebate

    DVD Burner - $19

    Subtotal: $921.93

    Or you can get two GTX 460s in SLI x2

    Subtotal: $1,051.93

    Or you can get two GTX470s in SLI

    Subtotal: $1,251.93
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