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I am looking to replace my old M60 dual core dell laptop and run autocad inventor on it. I changed jobs and I now have to buy it myself. I am OK with slower speed but I do not want it to crash. Is i5 processor with 4gb ram capabile of running inventor?
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  1. Yes, it is capable.
  2. It's definitely capable but stay away from Intel Graphics because they're horrible. I'd actually recommend this laptop for its CPU and GPU capabilities:
    This will do all you want it to. The Mobility Radeon HD 5730 is a really nice mobile GPU which is important with AutoCad. The price being under $800 is an added bonus since you have to buy it yourself. There's also no way that a Phenom II X4 CPU will crash from AutoCad inventor.
  3. State your budget, we will gives you suggestions... :)
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