MSI P55-gd65 SLI problems

Hello everyone,

I bought a brand new motherboard (MSI P55-GD65), 4GB (2x2gb OCZ gold) DDR3, Rosewill Cruiser case, Rosewill 850W PSU, Core i5 750 for my new computer and put in some parts from my old one: 2 GeForce 9800gt's, 2 DVD R/W optical drives, 2 250GB SATA drives (not in RAID). I turned on my computer to find that there is no display on the monitor. I reseated my graphics cards and still didn't get any display. I decided to reseat my RAM and took out one of the graphics cards. My computer booted up no problems. But, after installing all the necessary drivers and updates for my new system, I still get no display when I try and install the other GPU. I figured my GPU was bad, so I replaced the currently working one with the other. Now I know they both work independently, but not together on the same board. I have also tried booting without the SLI ribbon, but I get the same result. Did I get a bad MoBo?
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    When the cards were in SLI, did you plug into the right video output? Only certain ones will work. I think it's the top port on the card in the PCI-Express x16_1 slot.
  2. That was my problem. I actually got it working a few hours ago, thanks for the info!
  3. Cool beans. Glad to help.
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