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So I have an internal hard drive which suddenly developed a corrupted file. So bad that windows couldn't even copy it. It would get most of the way through and lock up the computer. Whenever I opened it, it would lock up the computer. After that the hard drive would make sounds when seeking sometimes. I ran a thorough disk scan, no errors found. So begrudgingly I ended up deleting the file... which worked fine. But still the drive makes sounds sometimes. A short dull clicking when spinning up and then an extended louder seek noise almost like a hiss. I'm worried there is something physically wrong with it. I filled it up with files and it seemed to work fine, but I really don't want to start using it and lose more files. I yield to the experts....
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  1. Test the drive with the drive maker's own diagnostic software, links here:

    Or use Seagate SeaTools from here:

    If it's a second hard drive which does not have Windows installed on it, you can use the Windows version of SeaTools to test it.

    If, however, it's the drive on which Windows is installed, you will have to use the DOS version of SeaTools which loads from a bootable CD.
  2. Thanks phil. It is a secondary drive. I will check this out.
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