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So I have an old PC that uses an ASUS P5P800 and a P4 3.0 GHz CPU w/ LGA775. Until I get a new one in a few months I figured I'd give it a little help with a new CPU and got a Pentium E6500. 'Same socket, should work'. Wrong! Wrong like the wrong from endoftheworld. It was noob of me but as far as I knew if it fit it fit. I've learned my lesson, but in an attempt from saving this being a complete writet-off I figured I'd try to get a cheap mobo thats compatible and has an AGP slot (and SATA). When I say cheap I mean...I doubt I would spend more than $40 on this, but eBay seems to have boards that are pretty damn cheap and sport the gear. . . I'm just not sure they're compatible. Anyone have any suggestions? Any particular items they see on there that should work and are cheap?

PS. Part of the reason I'm holding off on this new PC is that I heard intel was discontinuing some of their new sockets & CPU lines at the end of this year. Anyone else heard that?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Take a look at this:
    Yes, that board is LGA 775, but it only support Pent.4 CPU and not higher than that.

    So, basically, you want a board that support E6500 and AGP slot, right?
    It's kinda difficult to search board that support AGP card...
  2. AGP board that suport core 2's are very difficult to come by as the chipset is designed to support PCI-Express, not AGP. Do you have a link for the ebay boards I can take a look. Also is the RAM DDR or DDR2? It looks like is it DDR ram. I dont know of any Core 2 boards that support DDR.

    Edit: found one buts it is 66.99. It suports both DDR1 and DDR2 ram (can only use 2 memory slots at a time, and supports a MAX of 2GB)
  3. Sorry for the slow reply, it currently has DDR.


    link to a ... well, basically what it describes in the link. Mobo w/ LGA775 socket, DDR and AGP. This one is 75 dollars but I saw some around time of original post for ~$23 + 7 shipping, just wasnt going to jump in and buy something else without knowing it works with my stuff or plain works (new to ebay, don't know what they do for insuring you don't get scammed w/ broken stuff or what they do if you get scammed). AFAIK its like a flea market / garage sale - sellers honest + buyers wits.
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