BIOS Not Reading Hard Drives

Hey all,

I just assembled my new build and everything was being read, my ram, my graphics card, etc besides my hard drives. Nowhere in the BIOS are my hard drives being located and im not sure why. If anyone has any ideas and solutions please let me know.

Thanks In Advance,
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  1. If they are on a separate controller on your mobo, they may show up in that controller's list and not in the normal bios list. Do you know if there is more than one controller on your motherboard?
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    be care full with the 6g sata ports on most mb there be two sets of them. the intel/amd chipset and a 3 party chipset. most times the 3 party chipset will be turned off. the standard 3g blue ports. also in the bios check the sata port settings. there can be raid..ide or achi setting. you want set the ports to achi. if no achi then ide..not raid. alos most of the new mb with gui bios show the drive up under boot devices and not under sata anymore..
  3. Hey all.. It was stupid human error... i never plugged in my SATA plugs into my motherboard. GG. Thanks for the help anyways i appreciate it very much.

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