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Hello, can two laptops relate to each other over a distance of say 3kms in remote locations sometimes hilly and usually trees. Want to share spreadsheet data. Or can a device at same distance send a signal to a single laptop reliably?
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  1. Can it be done? Yes.

    It is the how it gets done that matters.

    Is there a cellular network available to provide the needed connectivity between the 2 systems?

    Are these systems always going to be at the same location or will they move around?

    Please clarify the environment in which you are operating.
  2. Not always cellular network available, and situations will vary but will always be off beat. Motorsport venues and trying to connect start and finish lines to share data. Even just an electronic signal transmitted from the start line in order to activate the timing gear would be good. I think Bluetooth only good over short distances, so I am thinking maybe modified CB radios on the UHF??
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    What level of budget do you have in mind? Forget bluetooth and standard wireless networks, simply won't have the range (especially in terrain limited areas).

    You may have to consider some sort of satellite based comms to provide the greatest flexibility in varying conditions.
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