Computer starts, stops, then starts again

I am putting a pc together for my friend. I've done this twice before on high systems.

here are the specs

Intel Quad Core i7-860 LGA 1156
Gigabyte P55-USB3 Motherboard
GeForce GTX 460
630 Watt Power Supply.

The problem we are having is that when we turn the computer on all the fans come on, the lights come on and then it shuts down after not even a second of running. Then a few seconds later it does it again. I've checked and rechecked the processor, made sure there was no covering on the cooling fan, and that there was the right amount of thermal paste. I also made sure the paste was not in contact with anything other than the Processor and the cooling fan. I've checked all the jumpers, and all the other cords as well.
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  1. It could be a lot of things, but I would check the memory first. Try installing only one stick of memory. If that doesn't work, switch memory sticks and sockets.

    If you have other systems around, try switching out components.
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