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Sand in bridges?! AM I HEARTING THIS CORE? 1155 who confrims? Say your price for sand intel!

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  1. What on earth are you even saying?
  2. Peppersworth said:
    What on earth are you even saying?

    Sorry my english not the best, my brother right.

    Is sandy core worth waiting? Think of buying intel i5 but instead wait? Is 1155 insert? Are price fixed? (confirmed?)

  3. From Anandtech's preview published at the end au August, Sandy Bridge will be around 10% faster clock for clock, but I don't think there are new on prices out there yet. It is also worth waiting because of the new Socket 1156 1155, then again we don't know if any new CPU will be released for 1155 1156.
  4. You have it all backwards:

    LGA1156 is the current socket

    LGA1155 is the Sandy Bridge P67 and H67 socket :)
  5. halfcalf said:
    You have it all backwards
    Oops, yes my bad, I think it's the first time I've seen a "next gen" socket with fewer pins :P
  6. The Ivy Bridge 22 nm socket will be known as LGA17. But DANG will those pins put through a lot of data. :)
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