Playable fps for nfs shift

what is the highest playable fps for nfs shift?
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  1. errr... is that a trick question?

    Anything over 40 FPS is what I would call playable, so 40+
  2. nope.its just tat the game feels a little laggy even at 45 fps on my setup
    core i7 860
    gtx 260 core 216
    1920 1080
    6gb ddr3 ram
  3. is 45 FPS the minimum FPS you get or the average/max?

    Try and keep the FPS above 30 all the time, and enable V-sync.
  4. minimum
  5. Well that is strange, 45FPS minimum should be very smooth, do you have any CPU intensive programs running in the background when you play NFS?
  6. goku1946 said:
    what is the highest playable fps for nfs shift?

    In response to your original question, I have achieved over 90 FPS(avg) with my current setup and 1680X1050 and high settings with 8xAA (No VSync). As for minimum FPS, over 30 is playable, 50-60 stops all forms of studdering from occuring. Over 60 FPS and your just wasting energy.
  7. I like to play around high 60's -70's myself. Though on some quick races if you select 15 (max) cars and race at dusk it dips down to the 40's. Racing games benefit from as many fps as you can get , for a better feel. It makes quick steering ,pushing,sliding much more 'realistic' its not a matter of how many fps your eyes can see.
  8. actually it lags in replays when there are too many cars on the screen.also another problem is that when one car bumps into another i observe micro stuttuering like the game freezes for a fraction of a second and again starts.
  9. Try to update NFS Shift and the graphics drivers.
  10. already did that
  11. Try disabling AA as you don't really need it at that resolution.
  12. lol.the jagged lines in nfs shift are horrific.worse than any game i have i need to uprade my gpu?
  13. Lower AA.Set it to 2x.Not more than that.The conditions in which you experience stuttering are normal, nothing to be alarmed of.And you definitely don't need a graphics card upgrade.The 5850 is quite capable at that resolution.
  14. i own a gtx 260 core 216 not 5850
  15. goku1946 said:
    i own a gtx 260 core 216 not 5850

    Oops, sorry for my mistake.So at that resolution you will need a 5850 or a GTX 460.For now try the steps that I said.
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