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Win XP Pro (SP3) on A40 Toshiba Satellite: I'm addicted to extended desktop with laptop screen plus up to 2 external monitors. At various times I've used VGA out from laptop, various DisplayLink USB graphics "cards" and the VTbook pcmcia/cardbus graphics card. In Win XP Display Properties, little boxes show up for each monitor, dotted if it's not attached. MY PROBLEM: Even though I'm only running laptop screen + 2 external monitors now, 5 little boxes (1,2,3,4,5) show up in Display Properties. 1 (laptop) ,3 (VTbook driving 1920x1200) ,4 (DisplayLink driving 1024x1280) are active, and 2,5 are dotted. I have trouble moving 1,3,4 to where I want them; they "snap back" to a different position when I try to move them to where I want them, and where they end up doesn't correspond too well to how the screen images are actually located. When only 3 monitor boxes used to show up in Display Properties, this didn't happen. QUESTION: How do I get rid of the unwanted/unsed monitor boxes in Display Properties, in my case 2 and 5.
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  1. perhaps the dotted monitors are for the adapters... (just guessing) is the problem keeping you from getting what you want done? 'cause if it isn't don't worry... also, did you ever have one monitor hooked to one adapter and the other to an other and switch monitors on the adapters? that could've also caused it... I don't know of a fix however.
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