Workstation 24GB's ram build...INPUT PLEASE!

I am building a work station for intensive graphic and modeling work, let me know what you guys think or any problems I may encounter with this build, I am specifically curious about the CPU/MOBO/RAM combo, thanks for your input!

CPU: Intel XEON W3530 2.8GHZ (planning on OC'ing to at least 4ghz w/ watercooling..)

MOBO choices: (opinions on these choices especially please)
$199 GA-X58A-UD3R
$220 MSI X58A-GD65:
$330 ASUS p6T6-workstation-revolution

RAM: Gskill, x2 (3x4GB) = 24GB ~$520.00

GPU: Asus GTX 470
PSU: corsair 750watt
CPU cooling: corsair h50
CASE: rosewill destroyer
DVD: LG dvd/cd burner
total build price: ~1600-1720 depending on the

components I already have:
HDD (x2 750gb WD black's..currently have.)
windows 98 32 bit just kidding :pt1cable: (I had to lol)....w7 x64

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Do a little more research... none of those boards support Xeons...

    Get this,
  2. Mr Pizza said:
    Do a little more research... none of those boards support Xeons...

    Get this,

    Perhaps not according to Newegg's untrustworthy spec lists.... ;)

    All of these boards and many more that are even less in price support the xeon series lineups (such as the asrock extreme/etc), in both 1156 and 1366 platforms. Personally from experience I find that Asus's WS/super computer mobo lineup is the highest quality. (supporting nearly all of the L/E/W/X intel CPUS)

    ^ They are supported, just noting this for people googling this.

    I am more curious about the RAM being effectively used and compatibility. Asus WS has memOK! which is a auto learning feature that should be a safe guard if I run into any compatibility issues...
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