Thoughts on Kingston V+200 and Raid with different 128 gig brands?

Hi, thers a special offer on the ssd Kingston V200+ is it any good?
It will be used for games and i will buy 2 to set in raid 0.
I already have 1 Force GT 128 gig, if i got 1 more, could i get 2xForceGT+2xKingston V200 in stripe 0 with the 4 ssd's???
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  1. Don't use RAID 0 for SSDs, you will not get any real useful performance improvement, only benchmarks. Just install the second drive and put additional programs and games on it.

    The V200 is fine, not a top end drive, but it will do well for you. If you want a larger drive, prices have come way down and the Samsung 840 500Gb was just at B&H Photo for $315, free shipping. Use slickdeals or Logicbuy to follow prices.
  2. And it will get slower soon in raid0 without trim.
  3. It will get slower soon, you mean for permenetly?
  4. Without TRIM, which cannot function on SSD's in RAID 0 arrays (there are exceptions, but not worth noting here), you will eventually have a drive filled with "deleted" data that has not been removed from the drive to create free space. Rather, it will have to be deleted and then wrote over whenever you save any data. A RAID-0 SSD config will gradually slow down until it hits the point at which every part of the drive has been filled at least once since last being "cleaned". From there on out, it should stay fairly level. This will be faster than a single SSD generally, but not very much so.

    The drive you mentioned is okay- I have one for an older laptop- but it's not a performance oriented drive by any stretch. You'd do better to buy a single Samsung or Plextor 128gb drive even in benchmarks, I would bet.
  5. aleksanderdev said:
    It will get slower soon, you mean for permenetly?
    No, not permanent, you can always pull it out of the array, secure erase it and let it start life over as a fast single SSD.
  6. Hey, with the latest Intel RST 11.6 Trim is now enabled for Raid setup, if requriments are ment and i belive i meet theme.

    But its not quit working out, cuse many ppl has crash issues with rst including me.
    But hope to get this working soon, cuse SSD raid 0 speeds up load times even more.
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