can i check why my dell desktop 4500 keep appear invalid IDE when i on my computer.
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  1. Have you changed the hardrive, motherboard, or operating system recently? Your original dell windows installation is only designed to work with your dell motherboard.
  2. hey thanks. I've changed the operating system. Any solutions to get back to the old one.
  3. You might try a new hardrive, and make the old dell a secondary (slave). If you install your new operating system on the new drive, the dell drive might be configured by windows 7 as a secondary drive. I use windows 7 ultimate which works with xp files. I've seen 1 tb drives as low as $45 lately in the usa.
  4. dont reeally get what u mean. i think this happen because i press on to the Boot system when the com is loading. i think i press onto something that make this happen. it always reset my time after it appear this invalid configuration
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