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Hello,i am running a core 2 duo e4300 1,9 and 2gigs ram with a 4670 1g.Is my cpu bottlenecking my 4670 and wil it helpto upgrade to 4 gigs ram.I am running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.Plus how far can i overclock my graphics card
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  1. your cpu is is for sure....but i don't think it will be bottlenecking your hd 4670.....and about adding depends on your mb configuration if it allows more than 4 gigs than definitely you can add it to your system...
  2. What i had in mind was a amd athlon x4 630 and 6 gigs ram with a gpu cooler to overclock the card further.Will that work.My resolution is 1024x786
  3. Can you overclock your e4300?

    4GB of RAM will be enough.
  4. No need to change your cpu, just overclock it a little bit, let's say to 2.5GHz and you are good... :)
  5. Hey if your resolution is 1024x786 than i don't think there is any need to over-clock anything to play hd 4670 is strong enough for this resolution games...
  6. All of the above. You can either overclock your cpu, or get a newer one on newegg for cheap. Your rig seems to be well balanced already, so if you were to upgrade, you would need to upgrade all of it to keep it balanced. More than 4 gigs won't help you much with games.
  7. Hi i got my self a core 2 quag q8400 and 4870 1G.If i got alot of apps and games on my pc will it slow down my pc.
  8. I run an HD4670 with a 2.2ghz E2220 with no bottlenecking
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