Out with 775? In with 1366?

So, the inspiration for my upgrade is that I scored a “this game is unplayable” score from the FF14 benchmark test (scoff as you may, or may not – I want a system that’ll let me really enjoy this game at high settings). I am not surprised by any means, but it hit home that it’s time to start shopping.

My question is about my upgrade path, and revolves around whether I may squeeze another year or so out of my current system, and whether or not that is even worth it. It sounds as if a significant architecture change (Sandy Bridge or w/e) is around the corner – I don’t want to invest in a system I’ll regret in a year, haha.

My Current System:
CPU: E6750 Core 2 Duo
RAM: DDR2 6GB @800 MHz
GPU: 8800 GT Amp!
PSU: 650W Ultra (modular)
OS: Vista Ultimate 64

Do you think if I picked up a high end Core 2 Quad, Windows 7, and a new video card or two that I could squeeze much more time out of this system? Should I just build a 1366 system? Also, I use a 61” hdtv as my monitor, so I need max settings at 1080p (but not beyond).

**This gets more complicated, as I have already purchased some parts for a 1366 build –but I think I could sell them for more than I bought them for (or even build the system and sell it), if I thought that some groundbreaking new products might be coming out next year (or, in the case of GPU’s, as early as this winter).

(These I already have bought)
CPU: i7-950 (I know, I know 920 rules!– but it’s a D0 and I got it for $300, so… yeah)
Mobo: Asus P6X58D-E (Again, some will disagree, but I got it new for $150)
Ram: Corsair 12GB (6x2) DDR3 @ 1600MHz 8-8-8-24 (for $250)
Case: NZXT Phantom (for $140)
OS: Windows 7 64

(These I haven’t bought)
CPU cooler – I’m thinking Noctua NH-UD12
PSU and GPU – still deciding (isn’t a new bunch of cards going to drop Q4 ’10?)

I appreciate all suggestions, or even just laughing a bit with/at me for getting stuck between these two options for upgrade paths.
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    Well, your "new" system will last you two to three years or longer with GPU updates, even with the new sockets coming out. I would look at picking up the GTX 460 (SLI ??) and get the XFX 650 or Antec EA650 PSU. If you want to plan for the ATI 6xxx release, you can up the power supply to the Corsair 750TX, XFX 750 or Antec EA750 PSU. These will provide adequate power for down the road. You can always look at the higher end Corsair HX or AX models for modular support or SeaSonic Gold.
  2. several new cards are due out in october, but FFXIV drops in 2 weeks or so.

    You have pretty much all the parts you need. Unless you plan to overclock, or you got an OEM (no fan) cpu, you don't need a cooler. I also think a $140 case is probably overkill.

    A Cooler Master HAF912 or an Antec 300 or 300 Illusion should be plenty of case, at half the cost of that one.

    for GPU, it depends on your budget.

    for NVidia

    The GTX450 is coming out this month for about $150

    I'd say get a GTX 460 1GB for $220

    a GTX 470 for $300

    or 2 GTX 460s for $440, which outperforms the GTX 480.

    on the ATI side
    the HD 5770 is about $140

    The HD 5830 is about $200 (the GTX 460 is better though)

    The HD 5850 is about $260 (the GTX 460 only slightly underperforms it however)

    the HD 5870 is about $360
  3. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the input. And I take it that since neither of you suggested that it would be possible to make my old rig capable of maxing out todays games then I probably made the right decision starting to acquire the new parts? I will probably go ahead and pick up a power supply, a gtx 470 (saw one for $270 this morning), and windows 7, hoping I don't feel the need to kick my own arse in 9 months+/- when(ever) new chipsets hit.

    So, a 750w or maybe 850w would be sufficient for (possibly later) 2x gtx 470's and a 3.6 or so - 24/7 overclocking? I'm sure I'll play with OC a bit - hence the Noctua.

    *Oh, and yes - I know the $140 for the case is, well, extravagant to say the least - but I have it out next to my main tv and thought it worthwhile to get something that looks great while still not drawing too much attention.
  4. the most excellent psu calculator suggests 702 W assuming you max out your fans att 100% Peak load and 100% TDP without overclocking.

    that says I'd take an 850W or even a 1000W if you want to overclock
  5. With two 470s, I would play it safe and pick up a 850W PSU.
  6. Excellent, I just picked up an OCZ Z-Series 850W 80+ Gold modular PSU for $150 - thanks all =)
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  8. Thank you both Tecmo34 and ScrewySqrl - if I could have picked both of you for best answer I would have.

    P.S. New system is up and running with the 850w ocz and sli gtx 460's - it's amazing! Next for a ssd, or... do I go for sata 6gb - haha, but that is for a different thread ;)
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