What'll happen if I add a 4350?

Hello. I've got an 4870x2 and a regular 4870 crossfired together for gaming. But since I use dual monitors and a projector, I have to switch kables all the time.
If I would add a 4350 (think that's the model I've got spare) for the projector (just for video watching), would that break crossfire, or cause any other unforseen problems?

I'm using a gigabyte X58 based motherboard, so I do have a spare pcie slot, and I doubt my current cards actually need x16 anyway.
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  1. no one?
  2. it shouldn't change anything at all, the 4870X2 actually might need the full X16 lanes though (so if you have a board that does x16-x8-x8 put the 4870X2 in the x16 slot)
  3. So. I added the card yesterday. Or well, I remembered wrong ; it was a 5350 not a 4 series card. But anyway. Adding the card resulted in windows crashing with stop code 7E. Had to uninstall catalyst 10.7 before I could boot in normal mode again. 10.8 driver caused my system to slow down a lot. Not sure if it's just 10.8 being broken or if it's my extra card, but I had to install the old 10.6 driver again in order to not drop down to 0-1fps in wow every couple seconds.
    Anyway, with the 10.6 driver I can't play opengl games, but then that's been a problem with almost all 10 series drivers. Using 9.11 opengl driver for those games.
    The crossfire however was NOT broken by adding the extra card. But it may very well have caused many of the other problems I've had yesterday.

    Also interesting side note - I had a 3W higher power draw in wow than I had when the system bluescreened and went to the stop code. 491W while gaming, and 488W while bluescreening. In short - power management in the driver makes the game only consume 3 watts more than idle.
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