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this ahmed from madurai i want to buy a laptop my usage is not much higher but weekly once i play pc games and i regularly feed my sales data in excel sheet and lisaning music.please tell me which is the best laptop compare with dell r sony.
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  1. Hello shakeel ahmed;

    Either one will be fine.

  2. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    For your usage it is not worth spending all the money a Vaio will cost you. Even Dell laptops are more expensive than many others. Look at Acer and Asus laptops with a dual core and 4Gb of RAM (memory) and you can save money.

    Instead of paying for Microsoft Office just to have Excel, download OpenOffice free of charge - that will handle your spreadsheets and create new ones as well as all the other features MS Office offers.

  3. WR2, I'm not disagreeing with you but I started writing before you posted and then the 'phone rang. :D

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