Is this ok ?

Long story short , from next month i am moving out because off colleague . My current gaming rig (GTX460 SLI , I920 @ 4.1GHz , 6GB DDR3 ) will stay at my hometown for my family .

I need to build a new one (as i will spend more than 7 months away from home so i need a good one ) . I am a complete noob with this things , but this is something i came up with .

Cooler Master HAF X
Intel i7 950@ 3.01GHz
3X2 GB DDR3 Muskhin PC1600 Blackline Stiletoo
DVD+- RW Samsung SH - S223C SATA
HDD : 1TB samsung HD103SJ , 72000 rpm , 32MB
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G9X
Cooler Master HYPER 212+ ( ? )
G51 , 5.1
Chieftec CFT-750-14CS , 750W , Cable managment (?)

I am not planning on overclocking this rig , so would 212+ be enough ?

I know that GTX 460 SLI is faster than a single GTX480 , but i don't feel like having 4 GTX460 cards lol . I will get an sound card later on this year . Already have a 32" Samsung which i will bring as a HDTV/Monitor . And also i got an OS , Windows 7 64BIT ULTIMATE .

Also , i plan to sell this build when colleauge finishes , i don't think i will be upgrading it .

Just don't post a whole new rig . Just need an advice on which parts should i change and which to keep . English is my second language so sorry if i made a lot of mistakes .

And sorry for the wall of text .
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  1. This is a terrible time to build a computer. Wait until the end of october.
  2. I am moving out in 2 weeks , i don't have time to wait . And i don't plan on getting any of the Radeon Cards so i don't see a point .
  3. Heh, new nvidia cards are coming in october too...

    Umm.. looks good to me, and get 2 gtx 460s. Less heat and way bettter
    you can't have 4 gtx 460s x2
  4. I know that i can't have 4 .

    I meant i already have 2 GTX460's in SLI ,and that i don't want an another rig with those cards lol .
  5. if you just need something for a few months, why not a low-end AMD processor?

    try this idea:

    Athlon II X3 445 (~$80)
    a 770, 785G, or 880G motherboard (~$60)
    4 GB DDR3-1333 RAM (~$80)
    Spinpoint F4 320 GB Drive (~$45)
    GTX 470 $300 (why go with the 480's heat?, I'd suggest a 460 at $220 but you don't want it or a $250 AMD Radeon, so...)
    CM 690II case or Antec 300 Illusion ($70)
    600-650W PSU from Antec, Sea Sonic, or other reliable brand. ($75)
    Cheap DVD burner: $20
    total: about $730

    it will cost a lot less than your build, and plenty of performance for any game you mention
  6. new cpu's from both manufacturers next year, not the best time to do a system revamp when yours is already very powerful IMO
  7. Lol did anyone even read the first post .

    I need an computer now which i don't plan on upgrading . I am moving out in 2 weeks . I will need it for school and work . I need it for gaming also .

    Now somebody said wait 2 months , the next guy responds with a totally diffrent build and the third guy recommends me not buying a computer .

    I just need opinion on the build from first post ...
  8. Your system build will be just fine as it is. I just don't see the point in building a $2000 computer that you will only use for half a year, and because of the new stuff coming out in that half year, will have much lower resale value than you seem to think.

    Thus I suggested a different system, which will perform as well in many games - the i5 is faster than the Athlon, the Athlon will deliver 40fps in almost everything, so everything would be playable. (and really, it could trim $100 off just using a 460 that you don't want)
  9. Mate , this rig i will use for at least 3 years . Don't mind if won't be able to run games on highests settings with it in that time .

    The rig which i left home will be upgraded later on for those things .
  10. silly question: Why not just bring the rig you have now with you?

    unless your family ar heavy gamers, they could get by with a less expensive machine for YEARS
  11. Because my brother will play on it ...
  12. So? Tell him it's ur computer and take it :)
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