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I am not sure is this the place to ask about computer case fans and stuff... But can anyone just tell me if I have 3 slots for 3 fan. Will Blue and green light = cyan?
Which combinations should i use?

1) 1 Green 1 Blue 1 Normal
2) 2 Green 1 Blue
3) 1 Blue 2 Green

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  1. Odd question.

    According to wikipedia, true cyan is an equal dose of green and blue with no red on the RGB scale. That being the case, I guess you could go with option 1. If you want a lighter shade of cyan, you could get a white LED fan as the third.

    I have to ask, why cyan?
  2. I think its safter to get 1 each first. Then look at the combination and decide whether i need another green or blue,etc. Well to answer your question why i chose cyan.... hmm well cause the only colour fans I saw sold at the stores are RGB. Well I prefer blue to green to red. So i was like wondering what does blue and green= ,which is cyan.I thought it was special and chose
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