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Hey guys I'm having problems backing up my computer. This is the situation. I backup my Windows 7 Ultimate Seagate 3TB hard drive on a 2TB external hard drive by WD. I backup using Norton Security and Windows backup, two seperate backups. I've been doing this with success for 6 Months. Now I can no longer backup using either method. Both give me the option to select my external hard drive, but then both say it doesn't exist. My external hard drive is FAT32 and always has been. This is also important because I move the hard drive from windows, mac, xbox 360, ps3, and other blu ray devices. FAT32 is very compatiable friendly. Last thing of note is I installed a second hard drive, same model as original. The new hard drive is now my primary hard drive to the BIOS/Boot. I have Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit installed and use GRUB to boot into either Windows 7 or Ubuntu. Had to use Ubuntu to allow windows to feel safe and not wipe everything on the hard drives like a mad man. My external hard drive isn't too full and I can access its data on windows 7 BTW. So........ I need to fix my backup, any suggestions?
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  1. Is your backup software seeing the new drive?
    My initial guess is that before you installed the additional disk, the backup software was seeing a removable(external disk) as drive D(or whatever), and now you installed an internal drive as drive D, and the backup software sees a different drive as drive D.

    A simple fix may be to just re configure the backup job and point it again to the external drive.
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    Make sure the drive shows up in the bios and in device manager. If it doesn't sjow up in the device manager, you can try a system restore to a point in time when it worked.

    Also, you must backup a lot of small files. FAT32 is limited to 4 gig files.
  3. ss202sl what your saying is what I originally thought, but Norton and windows has shown the drives as F for Ubuntu and I for external hard drive. I'll check the bios and I should take a look at device manager as well. I' actually not doing well so I'm a little preoccupied, but I'm just using the thread to get some ideas. Thanks for the advices.
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