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Aopen PSUs any good?

hi, i live in South Africa and have been looking for a decent PSU problem is corsair, OCZ, antec, seasonic, xfx (all the recommended PSUs) are heavily overpriced, im wanting to get a decent PSU under R1000 now since i have access to a wholesaler i can get some products cheaper than normal (but they only stock 2 makes gigabyte and Aopen) i was looking at an Aopen 750 watt PSU which is modular it is R968 which is decent! and it is modular! now what are Aopen PSUs like (my other option would be to go for a gigabyte odin 720 watt which is not modular) are Aopen PSUs rubbish or are they ok? if they are rubbish what are the gigabyte PSUs like?

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  1. Aopen used to be made by fsp, which is pretty good. Check the label for fsp anywhere. Also check the 12v rail ratings; try to get one with at least 22 amps on each rail. Don't know about gigabyte ps.
  2. i cant really find anything on the Web about Aopen PSUs though all i know about the PSU is this AOpen® 750Watt 20/24-Pin ATX 2.0 12V Power Supply : Intel Prescott LGA775 Ready & Approved - Includes Split Power Cable - Modular

    it says lga 775 ready and approved which makes me think it was released about 3 years ago so then FSP might have made it?
  3. I also looking for such products cheaper than normal (but they only stock 2 makes gigabyte and Aopen.
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    The model number I found on their website is Z750-14AE6. It has two 12v rails with 30 amps each, which should power just about any setup, including two mid range video cards for sli/crossfire mode. Check the warranty, which wasn't listed. Most of the better brands have 3-5 year warranties.
  5. oh great! so that Aopen PSU is not bad? it has a 3 year warranty, i will get a hd 6870 or hd 6950 (depends how much the hd 6950 costs when it comes out) and i am hoping to add a 2nd card in the future do you think that Aopen PSU can handle 2 hd 6870s or hd 6950s?
  6. If you keep adding to your system, get the better corsair power supply now. They have an 850 with 78 amps on a single 12v rail, which will run most anything you can add to your system. If you try to go cheap on the ps, you'll end up replacing it later. Too many folks have this issue; spend the extra now if you're sure you want to add a second video card and wait awhile longer for your other upgrades. You won't regret it.
  7. im hoping this is the same power supply we are talking about! because that 1 looks awesome and will match my storm scout so nicely (i typed in the model number in google images) my problem is that the product code on the wholesalers pricelist is this ATX-Z750
  8. if the Aopen PSU you are talking about is the right one that is 80+ certified bronze and is 750 watt im sure it could handle 2 x hd 6870s? as they are not power hungry a guy named reccy on toms hardware has 2x gtx 470s on a coolermaster 750 watt PSU and he said it was fine (and gtx 470s are really power hungry! surely this PSU will handle 2x hd 6870s or 2x hd 6950s?)
  9. that corsair PSU (corsair hx850) is $275 in South Africa if you convert rands into dollars
  10. How much for the aopen in us dollars?
  11. Ok, I found the conversion. It's about $141. That's decent. But if you go with this power supply, I wouldn't overclock the cpu while running with 2 video cards. You want stability.
  12. i wont im going to get an i7 2600 so it wont be overclockable :)
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  14. thanks for all your help i really appreciate it :)
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