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Hiya folks

Looking to upgrade my system here, and need some advise.

Primarily the system will be used to edit HD video with some gaming and internet use as a secondary priority.

My question is... what would be the best mobo, cpu, graphics card, memory combination to make HD editing a lot less frustrating then it is at the moment.

Overal budget is around $700

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi Simon you budget is a bit tight for what you require, but here are some recommendations.

    MB-Try settle with a H55 board you can find a decent one for about $200, prefrably Gigabytes as they are more reliable then others.

    CPU-Try get a core i5 750 quad core cpu this should definiatley do the trick is say. $250

    Memory-Try get Kingston Value Ram you dont realy need asnything of low latency just get a single 2GB DDR3-1333MHZ and then get 2 mosules (4GB). $75 X 2 = $150

    Graphics-Here i woul recommend all you left over cash as much as possible, dedicate all that into the card for a decent card for your requirments i would look at spending $190 maybe look at a GTS 250 if they are still available or try to push it on a ATI 5770 as it is a very decent card.

    Total on system $800 +/-

    Not sure on pricing as im from SA i had to do manual conversions =)

    Kindest Regards Rob."
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