Upgrade - Pentium D to Core2Duo

Hi, i'm sort of a noob about upgrades and stuff, plz help~~

I bought a comp about 4 yrs ago and it came with a pentium D processor.
I did some research and learned about different sockets and everything
and then found out core2duo used the same lga775 socket.

I was thinking that's all I needed and bought a core2duo processor and
popped it in...and the computer won't even power on T.T

so~ here is my question..

Do I need a new mother board?

or is there a way to download or update some software to make it work?

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    Use cpu-z, a free download, to identify your motherboard model number. Go to the manufacturer's website for your board. Look for a "cpu support" section and see if your new cpu is supported, or if you need to flash the bios with your old cpu before using the new one. If your new cpu isn't listed anywhere in this section, it won't work.
  2. Thank you ^^
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